History is replete with nations that have risen above their challenges to emerge as leading actors in the comity of nations. The Asean Tigers are an example of such. In Africa, Rwanda emerged from a civil war anchored on bitterness and tribal acrimony to become a country with a gross domestic product worth 8.38 billion US Dollars in 2016. The GDP of Rwanda represents 0.01 of the world economy. Botswana has managed to maintain a steady economic growth through the years. If it is possible for these countries to maintain an environment conducive for economic growth, it is possible for Nigeria to have a suitable environment that can not only foster economic growth, but sustainable development. It is possible for Nigeria and indeed Nigerians to fully reap the dividends of Democracy. a new Nigeria is possible and achievable under the push for Dankwanbo Presidency.

A Dankwambo Presidency aspires to bring about:

.      A new Nigeria built on the rule of law, equality and justice for all.

.      A new Nigeria that will develop on the unique and diverse strengths of her peoples, tribes and unions.

.      A new Nigeria that will foster and engender a conducive environment for all spheres of human activity.

.      A people centered government.

.      A peoples inclusive administration that will harness the strengths of Nigeria’s diversity to foster peace, security and economic growth.

.      Sustainable development.